2014 Olympic Women's Figure Skating "Controversy"

Love Cowboy

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Ok so I've been seeing a lot of crap on the internet about the women's figure skating competition in the 2014 Winter games and how somehow there was something wrong with the results. I've attached a couple of links here for reference. Basically, the general idea is, defending champion Yuna Kim (or Kim Yu-na if you prefer the non-Anglicized version) skated her long program perfectly, and still managed to lose the slim lead she had after the short program to Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova, who appeared to have a less-perfect program. Now, a bunch of people (mostly Koreans) have started an online petition to "fix" the problem somehow. What do you guys think? Was the scoring fair or no?

Personally, I think the people complaining of this result are not understanding a very simple concept: Difficulty matters. Sotnikova skated a more difficult program, so she was rewarded for it. Yuna Kim may have been perfect, but she skated an easier program. If Sotnikova had fallen, that certainly would have put Yuna past her... but she only made a small bobble, and I don't see how that should be enough to overcome the fact that she skated a more difficult program. So I think the results were perfectly correct.