2 Fatality animations for Jax & Kano


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After years out of the game, I've decided to try my hand at animating again.

It wasn't as easy to get back into it as I thought so I decided to start slow and remake an old animation of mine. The old animation is found HERE

I will probably continue to remake a few old ones found on the Kombat Pavilion until I get back into the swing of things and find my missing sounds and props again etc...

Anyhow, thoughts on this simple animation that I completed yesterday for my first in years?

I also just finished a remake of my old Kano one, the old one is found HERE.



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It wont show on.my phone :/.. Ima check when I get home, its funny because im doun my own fatalities with my ow mk project.. ill be posting my progress ass soon as I get internet in.my house lol :/
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