100% Accurate Raiden Prison Stage Fatality

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Congrats goes out to SekTrax, for nailing down the correct movement of Raiden's Prison Stage Fatality. This move has been confirmed by three TRMK staff members. The movement is:<BR>
</UL><CENTER><B>D - F - B - BL (close)</B></CENTER><UL>The 1 page <A HREF="moves/mk4/mini4faq.html">Printable MK4 Moves List</a> has been updated with the new movement. For some reason the AOL browser chokes on it, we appologize the inconvenience and hope to remedy the situation soon. Also, please visit our <A HREF="moves/mk4/">MK4 HTML Moves Section</A> if you desire a more graphical version of our moves list