10 win in a row


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Can anybody help me on 360 if interested and willing to help posy below ...and if u dont have the achievment i will return the favor
Got that on ranked(win 10 ranked matches in a row) so I dont see how it would be hard on KOTH, but anyway good luck to ya
Also, the 10 Koth carries over. When I got it I had 8 wins in a Koth, everyone quit, I joined another and won 2+ when it was my turn to face the King.
I actually beat 10 people in a row today in KOTH but lost the 11th... I never got the achievement! My question is if the opponent rage qiuits at the end during a fatality, does that have an effect on the streak? Because three opponents quit on me early while I finished them off. It said I had 10 wins still, so any insight on this?
I think a quit does indeed break your streak. I know my best ranked streak is 15, themortalkombat.com stats page confirms it. But in-game on the user statistics page it has my best at 11.
I am just bumping this thread because I would rather do that than create a new one, but does anyone want to team up to the the king of the hill 10 wins in a row achievement? I am told you could just create a room and then take turns letting each other win. Oh, and this is for Xbox
Wow, this is ridiculous. I am trying to get the "there can only be one" achievement and I have to wait in line for 15 minutes, just so that I can get desynchronized before I even get to 5 games
It's not that hard. I got it without trying. Whenever you get a pretty good streak going (About 7 or 8), keep challenging people you think you have a good chance of beating. It may be a little cheap but if you want the achievement, it's better than boosting.
The issue isn't so much winning, Im fairly decent, not pro status or anything. I got the 10 ranked matched in a row achievement. However in King of the Hill before I get to 10 the connection is always dropped, or whatever those errors mean. So if I find a single person with a good connection, we could prevent other people from entering so they won't screw it up.