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Thread: New Members Welcome Thread

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    Re: New Members Welcome Thread

    Hello again. Some of you may remember me, if any of you are still here. Haha. I have the purpose to join this forum once again to educate myself on some finer points of gameplay and the community for Mortal Kombat. Specifically the most recent title. I play exclusively on Xbox and you all may remember me as Switchblade922. I would have resurrected the old account had I not lost access to the email it was attached to. It's been a very long time(since 2013) that I had been active. I hope that I can be greeted again in a friendly manner and hope that any previous offenses I may have caused by my younger self can be overlooked(I was a tad inflammatory back then). I am a Kano main. Do with that what you will. I'm simply looking to train up and get a bit competive, and really get a feel for this game.

    My gamertag is Switchblade922. If you want to run some KOTH or some 1v1's, hit me up. We'll throw down and spread some cancer(Looking at you Erron Black mains).

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