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Thread: Participation in Flame Threads Will Get You Banned!

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    Participation in Flame Threads Will Get You Banned!

    I'm tired of having to listen to my Moderators complain about something that should never even be occuring on this message board. This is NOT the same message board from the first iteration. Get over that fact.

    It may look the same, but it is no longer a place of lawlessness and harrassment. We have people here that are volunteering their time to keep this place a fairly neutral and enjoyable place for anyone to participate in message threads. I do not want these dedicated individuals to have to come here and constantly clean up your petty arguments.

    If you cannot keep your emotions in check and avoid getting involved in a flame-riddled thread then you do not belong here. Those who initiate and those who persist threads that contain harrasment, confrontation or any derivation thereof will be summarily removed from this message forum.

    Consider this everyone's final warning.

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    Attention members: Flaming - Please Read

    One of the rules we have here at TRMK is NO FLAMING.

    If you see a post that consists of any sort of flaming (insulting, etc.), DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. Use the REPORT BUTTON and let the mods/admins take care of it.

    There is NO EXCUSE for flaming. It is not allowed here and we intend to keep it that way. There are no 'justified' flames back towards someone. If you or someone else is being flamed, REPORT IT.

    If you do not like a thread or think it is stupid, DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. No one cares how dumb or useless YOU think it is so there is no need to post something negative towards the OP. There may be some people here who enjoy it or find it helpful in some way. If it really is a useless thread (spam), use the REPORT BUTTON and put the reason as spam so the mods and admins can take care of it.

    We aren't trying to make this place a nazi run forum but there are rules for a reason and a lot of you have been breaking them as of late. We want to keep it a fun and friendly place. We want people of all ages to be able to come here and have a great discussion about Mortal Kombat without being subjected to ignorance.

    We've been pretty lenient with you guys and haven't handed out the infractions we should have, we have just been giving out reminders that flaming is against the rules, but people still don't listen so we don't have much of a choice but to start being a bit more harsh with the infractions. NEW MEMBERS (as in people who have been here for a few days) will just get a friendly reminder to read the rules and not to flame but if they do it again, they will get an infraction. All other members will just get an infraction, no warning, no friendly reminder, you guys know better. This is getting out of control and there will be a lot more people here once the release date gets closer and we shouldn't have to babysit veterans. If you get an infraction, please refrain from arguing with the mod or admin about it. We don't hand them out for fun. We hand them out when you clearly break the rules. We would very much prefer not to hand out any at all but that seems to be an impossible task and people can't stay away from flaming....

    We are counting on you guys to take maturity into your own hands and keep the peace. PLEASE just use the report button to report any spamming, flaming, harassment, etc. and let US deal with it, that is why we are here.

    ~Thanks =)

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