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    I LOVE this character! Even better than Jade in this game. Cetrion is my number 1 main so far. However, I'm hoping she would have more moves and a buff in the next patch.

    Btw, because I'm not a competitive player, what would be an excellent layout for her?

    So far, I have her "Ring of Fire" and "H2O Port". Anything better?

    Please anyone let me know of how I can be better with her.

    This character reminds me of Ariana Grande btw because of "God Is A Woman".

    Jade is still in second place for me.

    You'll believe God is a woman.

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    Re: Cetrion

    Cetrion is really cool, I dig her moveset and her look. Plus it’s really cool to play as an elder god in the game, loved her character development in the story too. Not a big fan of playing as her though. She definitely feels like a trap/jailing character with her 50/50s, overhead boulder or vine grap is a good 50/50 and her enhanced fire is good too. I think I need to practice with her more to get the feel of her strings.

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