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I've yet to here the question even asked by any of the interviewers of Boon and co. -- let alone, elaborated upon -- as to whether player-2 will able to use M11K's content on player-2 side in offline versus mode.

Injustice 2 inexplicably lacked this, what one would think would be a fundamental component of the game; and I fear, unless we press the point to Boon, and NOW -- before the game goes 'gold' -- we may end up with a gimp offline fighting game... again!

So, anyone who plans to play M11K's offline versus mode -- which should be, like... everyone! -- please endeavour to get the message through to NRS. For not only is gimped offline play in M11K bad for this game specifically; but, the precedent will then be set that players are now accepting half-baked offline functionality in their AAA fighting games. Something that I should not have to tell people is completely unacceptable.