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Thread: Resolutions 2019

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    Resolutions 2019

    (2018 Thread)
    New Year, new set of goals and resolutions.

    Last year, I made a list that I can honestly consider both realistically possible and obviously ridiculous. I didn't really complete any of last year's resolutions, I've actually made much more of an effort in the first 3-6 months than I did for ever year before. 2018 for me was a fantastic first half and a decent to mediocre second half. For 2019, I plan to do pretty much what I did in 2018 and take it to the next level. More effort is going to be major requirement for me, especially when I get to the second half of this I'm planning my resolutions out differently by reducing it to around 8 and making it obtainable by December 2019. I'll try and give an update every 3 months.

    • Release 20+ Youtube Videos
    • Beat 20+ Games
    • Spend less than $500 on gaming
    • Consistently workout 2 days a week
    • Learn 200 words in the Following Languages:
      • Spanish
      • Russian
      • Japanese
      • Yoruba
    • Create a big project in C++
    • Complete 15 Drawings
    • Consistently work on my Fiction-Paradise website

    As with my 2016 thread, I'd liked to ask:
    What is your overall review of 2018?
    (If Anything) What do you plan to change in 2019?
    What are your Goals for 2019?

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    Re: Resolutions 2019

    Make sure the best of me is BETTER than last year!

    I just hope I'm appreciated A LOT more than before.

    You'll believe God is a woman.

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    Re: Resolutions 2019

    - somehow get "the circle is complete" trophy on Doom
    - finish more games
    - read some more books
    - go to less movies
    - work out more

    theres probably more i just can't think of now.

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