Is a tradition lost in time. create characters based on subzero, or scorpion sprites, change the color, some aspects and create a brand new character from that.
this was done repeatedly in the past. it was due disk limits reasons. the same logic applies to kitana and the cyborg characters.
nowadays its not necesary at all. the videogame companies can create any character on mind...
but.. i still think is a cool tradition on the mortal kombat lore.
it was cool see tremor on mkx. but i was wondering... we will see more new colore3d ninjas on the future?.

Now... i do this just for fun. and i wanna to share it with you guys.

Almost all the colors are taken by the color swap ninjas on mk. we have yellow,red,blue,brown,purple,red,black,green and gray.
the only color left are white and pink i think...
WHITE: LIGHT and Mirrors based powers...
PINK:Plant based powers...(character created by fear-sAs). just imagine swamp thing or poison ivy from injustice 2 with a bloody mk twist.