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Thread: MK Fake Pic Kontest (Please vote)

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    MK Fake Pic Kontest (Please vote)

    Wassup ya'll. It's been hella long since I posted here. Anyways a contest was held over at MK5.ORG (MKOnline if you're a newbie) if there's any active users here, I would appreciate it if people can vote for the following:

    1. Best Overall Fake (first place winner)
    2. Best Character Sprites
    3. Best Original Arena
    4. Most Creative Idea

    Thanks StonedSour.

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    Re: MK Fake Pic Kontest (Please vote)


    Best overall- scorpion/forest
    Best sprites- Khan/Baraka
    Best arena- maybe dungeon
    Best creative- amputee Reptile

    Heading to mk5.

    Edit: sidenote- you need more subzero in your life, lmao.

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