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Thread: Different perspective in MK11 story mode?

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    Different perspective in MK11 story mode?

    The new Injustice trailer says there will be different perspectives in story mode, so you can play with the Regime, the Insurgency, the Society or solo perspectives. This is great because if they do this for MK11, which will most likely be about a tournament based on Kotal Kahn's ending, then we can see the different perspectives in the tournament unlike MK9 which was through the heroes perspective only. I would like Liu Kangaroo to return to human and be neutral, neither good nor bad.

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    Re: Different perspective in MK11 story mode?

    Given that Earthrealm will most likely be just as divided as how Outworld was; you'll have two cliques each from each realm. The lawful good Earthrealm side will be consisted of the Kombat Kids, Sonya, Johnny Cage and Jax all led by Fujin (since Raiden has truly lost his mind). The vigilante side of Earthrealm will be headed by Dark Raiden, with Scorpion and Sub-Zero as his main enforcer lackeys doing his dirty work for him.

    And over at Outworld, you'll have the pure Outworld side represented by Kotal Kahn, Reptile (despite his Zaterran roots), Erron Black, Ferra/Torr and Ermac, while the Edenian clique will be represented by Tanya, Kano and maybe Mileena and Rain if they both live long enough to be featured in MK11 storylines.

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