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Thread: Injustice 2, Microtransactions inevitable?

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    Re: Injustice 2, Microtransactions inevitable?

    Quote Originally Posted by BBBLP View Post
    Pay to win has been deconfirmed. I'm happy. But it doesn't change my views on this.
    They're still going to stifle our chances of good drops not because of creative decision, but because of greed.

    Broken record, I know
    Totally fair and legit reasons to dislike it.

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    Re: Injustice 2, Microtransactions inevitable?

    I think it will kind of work like the MKX mobile app! Where you will buy these sort of "Gear" packs to further inhance your gameplay... exactly like the card packs in MKX mobile.. i mean yes you earn gear after your fights but the really good gear can also be purchased if you want to advance your character. Hopefuly its not RANDOM gear in these gear packs.. pay $10 for 10 pieces of gear. And then you get stuff for your most hated unused fighter. Lol

    I still think this is more of an Injustice 1.5 rather then a 2! And if they do decide to include a "no gear" mode for online play well then they had better have those "locked" moves (associated with those certain gear pieces) essentially UNLOCKED during the fight! But then you shouldnt receive any gear rewards at the end of the fight
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    Re: Injustice 2, Microtransactions inevitable?

    On most games that have this, 'character customization' equipment activities, usually all the devs put out DLC packs to get more money. I can easily see them pulling a DoA and releasing "Christmas Pack 2016 - 2.99" or something like that. Just an example.
    Seeing that they already seem a bit annoying with the Micro trans from MKX, I'm sure they're not going to shy from adding tons of it to Injustice as well. I mean what game doesn't have micro transactions anymore? Injustice 2 will get just as pricey as MKX. But nowadays I learned not to have an issue with it. If I like, I buy. If it bothers me, I don't.
    Much rather wait til an Injustice Complete Edition comes out if it were to come to equipment packs for too much money though.

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