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Thread: YT Channel Debut Video

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    YT Channel Debut Video

    I have now began my official YT channel (content wise). This is my first video which pretty much just showcases gameplay clips from MKX and FFXV. I plan to make more videos in the future, but here is my first video. Last but not least, give you honest opinion on the videos and be sure to check it out on the actuall YouTube page as well as info on the future content for my channel will be in the description box of the video.

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    YT Channel Debut Video

    I'm just searching the forums .thats a cool video.Im subscribing to you.

    Edit:actually I'm watching from my phone and it doesn't give me an option to subscribe to your channel in this app that I'm using .what is the name or link to your channel?

    Edit: lmao nvm I gotcha
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    Re: YT Channel Debut Video

    @kadell I subscribed to your channel bro.

    I was hoping to see if anyone here would check out my content on my channel and if you like it, possibly subscribe. There's MKX stuff, Friday the 13th gameplay/parody, Dead by Daylight, short films, guitar renditions. I plan for much more. I've had this channel since 2008 but haven't taken it seriously til this year. I plan on investing money in to my channel in the future to make even better content.

    Here's the link:

    Hope you enjoy.

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