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Thread: MK11's new hero (protagonist)?

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    Re: MK11's new hero (protagonist)?


    As long as we're also discussing story stuff, I think that the "Quest" mode that they added in MKX mobile could be something that they could expand on in MK11, and adapt it for the console version.
    I'm thinking of it more as a side-quest and not really story, per se.
    Maybe sending your character out on a side-quest (apart from the story) could mean the chance of getting more in-game currency to unlock Krypt stuff or as a way to gain another alternate costume for the characters.

    Yeah, I know that it means more work for NRS going into it apart from the main story, but it's 1 of the things that I liked about the DA, as a form of unlocking stuff goes.

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    Re: MK11's new hero (protagonist)?

    Quote Originally Posted by theincubuslord View Post
    I'm white

    I'm not and I don't care. The only thing that matters is that the white self-hatred is swelling in you now.

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    Re: MK11's new hero (protagonist)?

    No, I'm good. It's not me I'm hating. ^^

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