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Thread: UMK3 is not UMK3 :(

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    UMK3 is not UMK3 :(

    i have the game on genesis and still play it so i know it well
    on the genesis version all the characters were there from the start as soon as you load the game

    so i get the MK kollection today on steam and go to play UMK3 and my main mileena is not even there, plus a bunch of other characters are missing, rain,ermac etc etc.

    i looked online and it says to unlock them you need to use 2 controllers and do a load unnecessary bullsh!t just to get those characters playable. i dont have 2 controllers, i dont have any controllers just 1 keyboard, this sucks i cant be bothered with this unlocking sh!t i just want UMK3 to be UMK3

    also when i play the game theres 2 grey banners on the sides of the screen that wernt in the original MK games and it really spoils the look of the games.

    also no brutalities

    i know its the arcade version but why the fvck didnt they just takes the bits from the genesis that improved on the arcade version like all the characters being there and brutalities. it would still class as the arcade version but with less inconvenience

    any help?
    hopefully theres a way to just have all the characters there from the start without unlocking or putting in cheats and crap. its really pissed me off this has
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    Re: UMK3 is not UMK3 :(

    It IS UMK3. It's UMK3 in its absolute purest form. The title of the compilation CLEARLY says Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection. Not Mortal Kombat SNES Kollection or Mortal Kombat Genesis Kollection. This is a direct emulation of the Arcade version, which had no Brutalities or hidden characters unlocked out of the box. If you added elements that were NOT in the Arcade version, then the title becomes False Advertising. When I first played the Arcade version, only Ermac was unlocked on that cab, because that was the only known UKK at the time.

    Additionally, the grey bars are there because of something called an Aspect Ratio. The original games were in 4:3 Aspect Ratio, modern TVs are in 16:9. The grey bars are there to fill in the difference.

    And Rain was a scam in the Arcade version.
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    Re: UMK3 is not UMK3 :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Nerd101 View Post
    You can get rid of the banners by just going on the options and then choose stretch... Also there is brutalities!and it was your fault for buying the PC version that I didn't even know still worked, get it on PS3 or Xbox360. And Tarkatan Trash is right, it's in it's purest form.
    Ummmm no. There is NO brutalities in UMK3 Arcade port

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