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Thread: Cassie Cage v Kitana- new rivalry?

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    Cassie Cage v Kitana- new rivalry?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like NRS is trying to set Cassie and Kitana up to be the new rivalry of the series? scorpion and sub zero buried the hatchet, kitana and mileena no longer acknowledge each other and prior to release, NRS seemed to be playing up the Cassie X Kitana rivalry by posting their pre-fight dialogues on their twitter and pinterest feeds and speaking of pre-fight dialogues Kit and Cass don't seem too fond of each other at all while their in-fight dialogues ("You are a total B****!" "Go hide behind your mother's skirt!") don't point to any benevolent feelings between the 2 either.

    So what do you guys think? Is this MK's new rivalry?

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    Re: Cassie Cage v Kitana- new rivalry?

    Just normal rivalry banter.
    If this is true, we could also say that NRS is trying to set up 50 other rivalries as well.
    It's just unique dialogue.

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