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Thread: Kenshi Combo Talk

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    Kenshi Combo Talk

    Alright, I am by no means a great combo finder, but I felt we at least needed to get the combo thread going. Just post when you find some interesting ones.

    So far I haven't found much, I have a pretty simple go to one.


    28% damage no meter: 2,1, DB1, B+1, BF3

    33% Damage no meter: JP2, B+1, DB1, F+3, 2, BF1 ------36% with meter I believe
    - You can replace the BF1 with BF2 and it will do the same thing, just less hits.

    52% X-ray Attack: JP2, B+1, DB1, F+3, 2, X-RAY


    Midscreen w/ 50/'50 setup:

    B1, DB1, D1, EX DB4, JI2, D1
    50/50 combo here

    114, DB1, D1, EX DB4, JI.2, D1 50/50 combo here

    4~DB1, D1, EX DB4, JI.2, BF31 50/50 combo here

    30% Midscreen: F2, exDB4, B1, BF3
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    Re: Kenshi Combo Talk

    In possessed state I found a about 29% combo with meter. B+3,2, DB1 MB, FB3

    I don't know if the numbers I put are right, I don't have that memorized.
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    Re: Kenshi Combo Talk

    The B+3 2 is a great low starter, 2 bad his reach isn't super great with that one. Thanks!

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    Re: Kenshi Combo Talk

    I came up with this Corner Combo yesterday.

    And here is my goto midscreen BNB

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