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Thread: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

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    Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    Or do you want them to not be in at all?
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    Re: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    I suggested NPC fights during story mode back when Tanya was pretty much deconfirmed as DLC for MK9. This was mainly because I wanted the Dead Characters to stay dead and unplayable, but at the same time I knew they needed to be in the story. Plus, I really hate it when characters who are crucial to the story of a game are literally absent in the game. This was one of the big problems with the 3D Era games (specifically MKDA-MKA). Tanya was important to the story of Deadly Alliance as per her Deception Bio, yet she wasn't in Deception. Fujin became the protector of Earthrealm in MK4, but he's literally nowhere to be seen until Armageddon.

    Yes, MKX still had this problem (specifically with Fujin and Jade, slightly with Knightwolf), but they did atleast address the fact that the other characters still exist and are active in the story, and hopefully they'll have enough of a budget to perfect that formula for MK11.

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    Re: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    I love the idea of NPCs. It means we won't spend 60% of the story fighting Reptile and Ermac

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    Re: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    unless they make reptile and ermac npcs
    also throw in baraka as a good measure

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    Re: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    NPC's are good variety for story mode fights. Also, its nice to see some characters in the story that didn't make it in to the roster.

    The problem is, people are always going to argue that those npc's should of been playable which defeats its purpose.

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    Re: Do you want NPC's to be in MK11?

    I like them. They make the game feel bigger. However, I don't want actual characters that people clamor for to be NPCs. Those like Rain, Sindel, Sareena, and others should be playable.

    NPCs should be characters like Hsu Hao and Kia and Jataaka. I'd also be cool with generic members of factions being NPCs.

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