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Thread: Unofficial MK Podcast the Netherkast

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    Unofficial MK Podcast the Netherkast

    Is your MK news in a slump? Do you often find yourself digging at the bottom of the barrel, discussing Mokap in an attempt to curb your anticipation for MKX? ...[insert more cheesy infomercial lines]

    Just figured I'd throw these out there, as we've been discussing a lot of MK over the weeks since we've started. Thanks for the awesome support and feedback.

    Episode 8: Top 10 Arenas(10-6) & News? What News?!

    Episode 9: Top 10 Arenas(5-1)

    Episode 10: The 12 Days of MKXmas!

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. If you guys dig the show, and want to join in on the conversation, just shoot me a message and we'd love to have you on! We'll be doing our next episode on Friday after the news comes.

    Love you guys, I want to kiss you on the lips.

    ^Check out our Mortal Kombat podcast^

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