I was playing MKII MAME on one of the local library's computers this morning. Believe it or not, I almost made it through the entire game without having to continue once! I had already beat all 12 of the normal CPU opponents, and I was prepared to face Kintaro. I had him trapped in the corner with a freeze attack and began to finish him off by rapidly pressing HP+LP. He's never able to break out of it...

...until today. On the keyboard I was using, the "Z" key (which I had LP mapped to) cannot be pushed rapidly, otherwise it acts like it's being held down.

Thus Kintaro broke out of the trap and kicked my ass and killed my perfect streak, all because of a keyboard restriction. After several attempts to try to trap him again, I had to give up. It's impossible to perform that trick if you're only able to rapidly press 1 button instead of both.

NOTICE: For people who love watching rage quitters, you're out of luck today. Because I taught myself it's OK to lose and have gotten used to it, I never rage quit, even on MK.

However, because of this, the keyboard is no longer my preferred type of game controller. I've had trouble with keyboard restrictions before, but this was the last straw. Fortunately, I have two PC gamepads (based on PS2 design) at home, that I'm now using for anything I wanna play on a computer. Except first-person shooters or games I use a mouse for as well as a keyboard.