Hi. i had MK9 for Ps3 and PC. it played better online on ps3 but was way more convenient to have it for PC but the PC online was dreadful.

a lot of people say bad net code is the reason for laggy matches and internet connection also. but i also i think another reason for this was that a lot of people were buying the game with bare bones graphics cards and pcs that could barely handle the game or even using laptops. so when you go to play online and join the rooms your thrown in with everyone and you have no idea what your opponents hardware is and if its up to scratch to handle the game properly or not. they have 4 little green lights that show internet connection and thats it. its not enough something more needs to be done so players can group up in rooms knowing that only people with a certain standard of hardware and internet connection can join that room rather than anyone joining the room no matter what theyre hardware and connection.

so i think they should add separate specific rooms that you can only get access to depending on your hardware and internet connection. this way users with high end gaming PCs and good internet connection can all play together without worrying about constantly filtering through laggy match after laggy match before you finally get a good match up coz is frustrating as !

ive no idea how this would work maybe the room could have a system that scans your hardware and internet connection and if your hardware and internet connection meets a certain standard it would let you in. and there would be different rooms each with different levels of standards of hardware and internet connection.

this would filter out all the crap and mean that everyone in the room is guaranteed lag free play, also great for king of the hill play.

what do you think? im just thinking out loud here so throw in your own ideas also. but bottom line is something needs done about online play first and foremost before anything else. i have Top end PC and great internet connection and its frustrating that at most i get one lag free game out of 10! i gave up on MK9 on PC in the end it was to disappointing online. i dont want the same thing in to happen in MK10

(side note) some people say to just add the players from your good connection games to your friends list and play them in private. thats good n all but i dont play MK to make friends i like to join rooms and put the loud mouths in their place. know what i mean?. i like that in rooms theres always new challengers that youve never seen before and have no idea how they play. where as playing the same friends over and over is too predictable and loses its edge.