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Thread: MK Online Being Shut Down?

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    Re: MK Online Being Shut Down?

    I also see about 40-40 players but as we said it is a 3 years old game. How many people were playing online at release date? And how many were playing online when the game was one month old? I dont know how many as i got the game on PC in july 2013 but i supsect that the must have been lot of thousands players in the first months of the game.

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    Re: MK Online Being Shut Down?

    For a comparison...

    When the game launched and I went online, there were like 15-20 rooms and each of them were filled with 50-150 people.

    Right now, I played online an hour ago, there is only one room (out of the 15-20) filled with 100 people.

    Do the math.

    It's still playable, though. I always find someone to play against and the connections are OK since I have a fast line - for the most part.

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    Re: MK Online Being Shut Down?

    For some reason I can only play against other Australians and I barely find any of them online.

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