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Thread: Harley Quinn: Pucker Up Snookums!

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    Harley Quinn: Pucker Up Snookums!

    Before I start I would like to point out any strategy I give out is from personal experience and watching various high level plays, not frame data. I take no responsibility if you get blown up XD


    F - Forward
    B - Back
    D - Down
    U - Up
    1 - Light Attack
    2 - Medium Attack
    3 - Heavy Attack
    T- Trait
    J - Jump

    Special Moves:

    Pop Pop: DB2
    Line Of Fire: DF1
    Heads Up: DB1
    (Air) Oopsy Daisy: DB1
    Cupcake Bomb: BF2
    Play Doctor: DBF1
    Silly Slide: BF3
    Tantrum Stance: DB3

    Basic Combos:

    Naughty Naughty: 1+1
    I hope It Hurts: 1+1+2
    Girls Best Friend: 1+2
    Rude Joke: 1+2+3
    Irresistible: B1+2
    Lets Play: B1+2+1
    For Mistah J: F1+3
    Miss Me: 2+B3
    Hi Puddin: 2+D3
    Pleased To Meetcha: 2+U3
    He Loves Me: B2+2
    Don't Get Hurt: F2+2
    Thats Cute: F2+3
    Lollipops: 3+3


    Bag O-Tricks: Gives Harley 2 different Buffs or and unblockable explosion at random
    Buff 1: Mr J: Improves her damage
    Buff 2: Ivy's Flower: Regenerates Health
    Unblockable Attack: Small TNT explosion makes opponent airborne

    Pro's and Con's:

    + Silly Slide is a great approach
    + J2 is strong (but not broken like the B-Mans ;D)
    + Line of Fire is decent
    + (Air) Oopsy Daisy is a fantastic overhead
    + Cupcake bomb is great wake up pressure

    - Normal Dash is dog sh!t
    - Zoning is not the best
    - Overheads are slow
    - Trait is trash, way too slow for something random
    - Anti air is not the best


    24%: J2+1+2+3+F1+3
    28%: J2+1+2+3+B1+2+1+DF1
    34%: J2+B22+DB3+1+J2+F1+3
    28%: J2+2+U3+J2+1+1+2
    37%: J2+B22+DB3+1+J2+B1+2+1+DF1
    38%: J2+B22+DB3+1+B3+J2+F1+3
    41%: J2+B22+DB3+1+B3+J2+B1+2+1+DF1
    31%: J2+2+U3+B3+J2+1+1+2
    28%: J2+2+U3+DB1+J2+1+1+2
    29%: J2+F2+3+BF3+1+1+2

    (With Interactable)
    F1 appears to be her best way to combo into an interactable like the fountain and helicopter.

    43%: J2+B22+DB3+1+B3+J2+F1+(R1)+B1+2+1+DF1
    36%: J2+2+U3+B3+J2+F1+(R1)+B1+2+1+DF1


    39%: B22+DB3+1+F1+3+1+1+2+B22
    40%: J2+F2+3+F1+3+1+1+2+B22

    Alot of these combos can be ended with Play Doctor. But I can never seem to get it to work


    - Her best approach is from the air with J2 (see how most my combos start with it)
    - Deathstoke plan: If they spam guns use (Air) Oopsy Daisy to annoy them into submission.
    - To avoid Supernova and Meteors use her Silly Slide, she can't avoid them with her normal dash and it leads to a full 30-40% combo
    - Her Tantrum Stance into Cartwheel is unsafe on block, but alot of people don't realise this and continue blocking so you have a small opening for more options
    - Loop Line Of Fire to close the distance, you're opponent will have to duck or jump to avoid them
    - Silly Slide into Tantrum Stance is extremely effective
    - At the end of combos use a cupcake bomb to keep the pressure on, they'll either have to block or take the damage, either way you have a semi safe approach
    - Don't bother using her trait unless you feel lucky, its one of the most pointless in the game.
    - Her super is comboable into Play Doctor but as I don't waste my meter on supers this serves no purpose

    Best Matchups:

    Bane, Doomsday, Green Arrow, Joker and The Flash

    Worst Matchups:

    Superman, Batman, Black Adam, Aquaman, Raven, Green Lantern
    (Catwoman and Hawkgirl can give her a hard time too)

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    Re: Harley Quinn: Pucker Up Snookums!

    Nice guide. Do this and, itll be perfect: [*color=red][/color] and [*color=black][/color].

    Just remove the star and put the one with the = symbol in the beginning of the word or sentence and the other with the / symbol at the end of it.

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    Re: Harley Quinn: Pucker Up Snookums!

    Thanks. I'll give those a try when I play this game again.

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