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Thread: Strange map, survival mode level 6..?

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    Strange map, survival mode level 6..?

    Hey guys, I'm new in here so I must apologize in advance if this subject has already been discussed.
    Nevertheless, I came across this thread
    Here the secret door on the dpad-map in the Foundry actually turned out to be Survival Mode.
    So I was just wondering, does anyone know why there is a similar symbol in survival mode level 6 when you toggle on the map?
    The secret entrance seems to be on the upper level, I dont know if you're supposed to throw a clay soldier up there or what.
    I mean, it's funny how this level is the only level in Survival Mode that offers a map - has anyone tried to figure something out? Or is it yet another example of lazy Midway forgetting to delete some unfinished business?
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    Re: Strange map, survival mode level 6..?

    the door is the way to level 7
    it appears when you beat them all

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