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Thread: Pressure releif for a new player

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    Pressure releif for a new player

    hey guys, I picked this up for the ps3 last month. I completed arcade on expert with a few characters and decided to try online. Wow, every game I get thrashed. I have won 4 lost 40+ so need some help. My main problem is standing back up. If I get knocked down, the other played stands over me and just hits me into another combo as I get back up. This repeats over and over. I've tried pressing block as I stand back up, but I never manage to block? I assume my timing is way out. Can anyone here offer me any advice?

    also, the match maker ( in ranked match) likes to put me up against players with over 1500+ wins. Is there anyway to change the match maker settings?

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    Re: Pressure releif for a new player


    Wake up attacks have armor to help get out of those situations however some characters don't have a very solid wake up game so it depends on who you use and what moves work best in what situations ect... I'm sure Critical Limit would be the best help in sorting out your issues with specific characters I don't play half the roster personally and havn't touched online in a very long time.

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    Re: Pressure releif for a new player

    Blocking should work. Chances are if your block isn't working you are blocking incorrectly. There are 3 different types of attacks when it comes to blocking in this game, low- an attack that can only be blocked crouching, mid- can only be blocked standing, and high - can be blocked standing or crouching, so you may be blocking incorrectly.

    I recommend you read this guide I wrote: It might seem long, but this is basic stuff and it covers a lot of things that are necessary to know. Its not finished, though.

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