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Thread: Noob Saibot 2.0 - Fear itself

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    Re: Noob Saibot 2.0 - Fear itself

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhizodus View Post
    I really hope they change Noobs name. I just can't take him seriously. Some characters change alignment or looks, why not one username? Nobody would call himself Noob, especially because he is so evil.
    The official reason? Probably because Ed Boon won't change it, that's why.
    He even uses "noobde" as his Twitter username.
    Having "Noob" up on the username would be another way of NRS / Ed putting himself in the game.
    It's the same way that Ed Boon has done Scorpion's "Get over here" and "Come here" voice shouts for the last 25 years.
    Regardless, of whether Noob Saibot would actually call himself "Noob," the reason that I just stated is likely why it won't change.

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    Re: Noob Saibot 2.0 - Fear itself

    Just because Noob Saibot is a silly name in real life, doesn't mean it is in game. It could have a completely different meaning in the Netherealm.

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