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Thread: Ranked Matchmaking

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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking

    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Reaver View Post
    You're pretty salty about other players being salty and me calling you salty so I bet you like salt.
    LOL, No I'm not. I'm just pointing out a trend. It's an observation.

    I am expressing NO emotion toward any of their scorings. If anything I usually laugh.

    So get off your judgement horse when you know nothing about me.

    A very rare few actually use the scoring system as intended. Most people either do "zero" upset, "5" to move along quicker, or "10" because they want to show their respect for the match. Anything inbetween is kind of meaningless. Again this was just an observation of behavior I've seen with people who throw out scores.

    Once again these zeros I get only come AFTER I beat them. I don't get them when I haven't played them yet. Which is why it has to be them being a sore loser. Why else would you rank me high, then when you fight me rank me low? You're pissed because you lost, when you should be happy to be playing someone better than you, like I am when I play people better than me.


    Of course I'm going to defend myself when you call me "Salty" when it's false information. I'm not gonna sit here and let you talk me down and ignore it.

    being salty is not an attractive/appreciated stance on a video game. I'm not a fan of salty players, but I don't get upset at them for being salty. I understand human emotions can be a powerful thing.
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    Re: Ranked Matchmaking

    Slightly derailed, but it's my thread, so I guess that's not too bad.

    I've decided I won't ever give 0 respect points, doesn't matter how it's spun giving 0 is being a bad ('salty') loser. If I lose they played better, even if they spammed annoying moves and I think I 'should have' won.

    For some reason unlike Street Fighter and Tekken I feel quite relaxed about losing in MK, this makes my new found ability to actually fight MK online quite stress-free and fun.

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