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Thread: Update on new PCS' Scorpion Statue

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    Update on new PCS' Scorpion Statue

    Scorpion final sample arrived yesterday. Havent had a chance to unbox it and take pics but will, hopefully , tomorow.

    Then on Monday it goes to WB and Netherealm for final production paint approvals.

    Production is well on its way. Everything is cast up and being painted.

    Shipping from China on March 3rd.

    Here is a tease of the box art.

    7 MK statues being sculpted.

    Just wondering, are you guys more interested in the statues by Pop Culture Shock or Syco Collectibles?

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    Re: Update on new PCS' Scorpion Statue

    I plan on purchasing all the 18" ones from Syco Collectables. The Scorpion one (both from Syco and SideShowToy) looks sweet.

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