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Thread: Free MKAK give away

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    Free MKAK give away

    HI Guys

    I've recently ordered a MKAK Klassic Fight Stick for PS3, it should be arriving next week sometime. Since i allready have the MKAK and i get a DLC code free, i thought i would give it away to someone who needs it on this forum.

    Please can you include you PSN ID if enetering, it know its not fool proof but it is best I can do to check if any one has the game on there trophy lists.

    Also the code is for US accounts so if you are in any other country you will need to set up a US account to redeem the code.

    Please dont bother me if you allready have it and give a chance to some one less fortunate.

    If you want to enter please respond to this thread with some random gibberish and your PSN ID

    I will pick someone at random once i have the code and inbox them.


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    Re: Free MKAK give away

    I don't have it PSN:JUGGA777
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