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Thread: whats the dealio?

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    whats the dealio?

    just saw the kollection trailer, it looks just like the original versions of the games, not that im complaining but wasnt it supposed to be all revamped in HD, with the spites upgraded or remastered from scratch or something, and look more crisp and awesome and better quality sounding and all that?

    just looks like they stuck the originals straight into the arcade section of PSN, 360 live etc which they kinda already had before but removed them

    oh and why is Shinok and other people that were not playable in MK 1+2+3 in the picture for the front of the video?

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    Re: whats the dealio?

    Other Ocean was working on HD versions of these games which at some point got scrapped and the decision was made to just give us ports of MK1, MK2, and UMK3 from the Arcade, adding online play for all 3 games.

    The PSN version (which i grabbed last night) is full of audio glitches, other glitches, and the netcode is terrible making online gameplay almost impossible.

    I dont know why Shinnok is in any ads, but these are straight ports of the arcade versions, nothing was added. Although right now you cant even enter vs screen codes in UMK3 so id argue that they are LESS than the arcade versions. Im waiting for 360 impressions, but the PSN version at this time leaves alot to be desired.

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