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Thread: Small but stupid programming mistakes

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    Small but stupid programming mistakes

    There are several minor mistakes in the old games that are hardly ruining the gaming experience but they could have been easily fixed...

    MK2: stage fatality combination not working on The Dead Pool, generic combination used for all characters

    MK2: Shang Tsung stage fatality combination not working on Kombat Tomb in several ports

    MK3: arena succession screwed up if uppercut from Soul Chamber to Balcony

    MK3: Shao Kahn announcing the winner when won against

    UMK3: only four character bios

    MK4: Shinnok not using other characters' moves when fought against

    Any other stuff like that?

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    Re: Small but stupid programming mistakes

    CPU never uses some special moves like Kung Loa's spin...

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