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Thread: Tips for Raiden players

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    Tips for Raiden players

    Ok guys, I keep hearing people talk about how hard it is to time raidens teleport to electocute in his
    11 Hits 40% combo Jump Punch, 3, 3, 4, Teleport, Electrocute, 2, Vicinity Blast, Dash in, 3, 3, Electric Fly.This is one of his most standard & damaging combos but if your like me and alot of other people its hard to pull off all the time, especially online. So I found a combo thats much easier and reliable that does 38% damage. It's Jump Punch, B+3, 1, 2, dash, electrocute, 3,3,4, electric fly. It's easy, more reliable and with Xray instead of electric fly it does 49% damage.

    Another thing, with the 40% combo shown above you can replace 2, Vicinity Blast, Dash in, 3, 3, Electric Fly with 3,3,4, electric fly for the same amount of damage but easier to pull off. So it looks like Jump Punch, 3, 3, 4, teleport, Electrocute, 3,3,4, Electric Fly. And with this new combo replacing electric fly with an xray does 50% damage where as the original does 48%.

    These are the two most damaging and reliable, midscreen combos I know. I use them online all the time and makes it much easier. I've tried getting these put up on the combo list thread but it doesn't happen, so if you didn't know these combos already I hope this helps you out, and if you did sorry for wasting your time.
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