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Thread: Dairou

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    Re: Dairou

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos vs Order View Post
    I like the order vs chaos rivalry a lot (mainly for Havik and Hotaru, though Darrius is interesting too), but I think it would have been better if he was instead a monk rival of Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

    I think it would be a good storyline if all three were students of Bo Rai Cho, but Dairou was corrupted, and became an arch-nemesis of them. It would tie all four characters together really well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Azure View Post
    I think the problem with Dairou is that he seemed like he had no overall theme to his abilities.

    He had a teleport, a fire ball and a quake move. They just seemed out of place for a man that was originally pitched to us as a "sword for hire."

    I like the design for him, I just think the problem is that he uses too many dull colors. Most of the MK cast wear about two, three colors tops, and it is usually one dominant color and then a highlight color. You look at Dairou and he has earth tones. I would probably decide to go with either the red and brown, or green and brown, not all three so that his outfit could appear more uniformed.

    As for his moves, I think there are some things that could work in his favor, such as the double teleport. It could function as a mid range move that if he is able to catch his opponent in it, they become disoriented and it allows him to have a free hit. His ability to kick a projectile at his opponent I think would make sense, especially if they were to have him constantly wielding a short sword.

    Just all this, seriously

    Especially the part about him being a corrupted rival monk to Liu and Lao

    I think that would fit him so much more than just being a former Seidan guard

    I'm normally not a fan of retconning, but please NRS, go with that story and just let Darrius and Hotaru rep Seido

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    Re: Dairou

    If Dairou made a comeback somehow with a new overhall, would he find a way to balance chaos & order to both Seido & the realm of chaos together?

    He needs new moves and new abilities/powers.

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    Re: Dairou

    Quote Originally Posted by back,back,back,low punch View Post
    I think I actually like Dairou now. Now that I think about him. The shamed Chinese assassin. He should have a larger role in Shujinko's story. A good guy that had to do wrong things.
    He's got potential. Fighting for Earthrealm and even Outworld's peace can give him something new to fight and live for. If Onaga returns he can fight against Hotaru again as well. Will give him something more than a depressed assassin for hire guy to fight and live for, while still having a grudge against Hotaru for what happened to him.
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    Re: Dairou

    Dairou could be a weapons specialist. Using a lot of ancient Asian weapons of assassination. Blowdart for a free hit move, air angled throwing kunai, those axe things that are attached to chains (like from the movie Ninja Assassin. He wouldn't use them like Scorpion, think more like Lobo's hook chain attacks in Injustice)

    Mix that with his Wing Chun style fighting and you have a genuine badass character

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