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Thread: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

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    Re: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    I really want to know why the eff people are able to have automatic weapons. What regular citizen needs that, other than to blow people away? I can't believe that shit.

    Guns are illegal in Canada, but, of course, people still manage to get them, that wont ever stop. I don't, however, 'live in fear' when I go back to the US and visit family. A lot of people in Canada have this idea that everyone is packing heat in the US and so you can't sneeze without someone opening fire.

    I wouldn't ever own a gun, though. I prefer guns in video games, where I don't have to worry about blowing my own face off by accident

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    Re: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    I understand people wanting the right to own guns and I don't really have anything against or for them, either way, but the whole silencer argument is always a bit odd, to me.

    The most common arguments for silencers seem to be "I want a silencer to go hunting" AND "to protect my family."

    Yeah, sure bud.

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    Re: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    Most of the towns/cities I'm around are what I like to call "Hood locations" and "Laxed Lynching Locations" so gun laws will solve absolutely nothing for my state seeing how the gun laws are really lax here but a lot of people still purchase/obtain guns from other people rather than gun stores. You literally only have to be 17 and you're good regardless of the gun's size.
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    Re: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    I dunno, im from Chile. have a gun here is difficult.
    theres a lot of laws to follow.

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    Re: Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    other than to go hunting or to own a gun at home to protect your family i can't really see a reason to own a gun. anyone who wants a gun so badly for any other reason probably wants to kill people with it. NOBODY ever brings a gun around with them in order to prevent/stop a shooting.

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