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    Ed Boon interview in Spanish
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    Another game koming to coincide with the new movie? Take it with a grain of salt, but this producer of the new Mk movie claims there’ll be another iteration of the games released by the time the new movie is out. I’m sure it won’t be another mainline game, so Id assume that if this is true, it’d be a...
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    MK3 arena quiz (for fun)

    1. How many arenas have Shao Kahn's tower visible in the background? A. 1 B. 7 C. 3 2. What shape are the lights on the wall of The Bank? A. Globe-shaped B. Oval-shaped C. Triangle-shaped 3. What street in Chicago is The Bridge modeled after? A. Washington St B. Wacker Dr. C. The...
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    only game from WB/NRS in 2013?

    what about those reports last fall that Wb was planning the release of the new MK movie to coincide with a new MK game in 2013? A. who says that Injustice is the only NRS title to come out in 2013, and B. who says the MK game that the movie may or may not coincide with has to be MK10? what are...
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    Ed Boon's new Twitter avatar ("?")

    anyone seen Boon's new Twitter avatar, which is a "?". he could be just screwing around, or this could be the first indication of the next MK game on his Twitter avatar. notice how he's gone from the dog/MK9, to Batman, to MK Komplete, representing each three of the titles NRS have...
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    The Street background glitches?

    anybody else noticing a lot of shimmering lines and graphic glitches throughout the buildings in the background of The Street arena? I had never really noticed this until I was practicing with Kenshi last night against a non existent player 2.
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    story mode cutscene question

    I just started replaying the story mode in MKDC after not playing it since the I beat it a couple years ago. I noticed that there seem to be some slight stuttering or choppy animation at times when the camera is revolving or moving during the cinematic cut scenes? it isn't something that is too...
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    PS2 MK kollection version of MKSM questions

    Does anybody know if the version of MKSM on the MK Kollection for PS2 differs in any way from the original regular version of the game on ps2? any extra or missing kontent, or any graphical changes/improvements/errors to be aware of? or is it identical to the original regular version release...
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    UMK3 Armageddon version-possible glitches?

    Just a couple of questions regarding UMK3 on Armageddon premium edition. Has anybody else noticed that when you get a game over, the ultimate kombat kode bar appears three times? Is this a glitch on all copies? also, anybody else experience random slowdown during jumps and jump kicks? I have a...
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    Deception premium ps2 "arcade" version character bio sound/video glitches?

    I noticed that MK1 on Deception's bonus disc for ps2 has another possible glitch other than the ones normally talked about. If you start the playing the game, and then get a game over and let it go back to the title screen, and just let it run, when the character bios come up both the music and...