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    Mixed up characters names?

    What did you think you heard when the announcer said the fighters names? I thought he said the following. Noob Saibot = New Side Box Ermac = Bearmac Kintaro = Kingtaro Kitana = Kitanra List yours.
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    Name question

    Does anyone know how to change their screen name?
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    OH MY FUCKING GOD! Thats literally a fucking 50 foot ladder!
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    Best chess team.

    Hey guys what is you're ultamite Kombat Chess team? Heres mine. Master: Rayden CHampion: Liu Kang Shifter: Shujinko (( I only found 2 moves.)) Sorceror: Scorpian Grunt: Havik
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    MK Hurt and Heal

    Hey guys this is a game called Hurt and Heal. The rules are simple here are the people in it Liu Kang:50 Raiden:50 Stryker:50 Mileena:50 Emrac:50 Sub Zero: 50 Scorpian: 50 Shujinko:50 Johnny Cage:50 Goro:50 Kintaro:50 Ok each character gets 50 points in the beginning. You must say the...
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    Favorite Special Moves

    Hey everyone I just want to know what is your favorite SPECIAL move? For example Liu Kangs Flying Kick since you can hit it any time. And his bycicle kick. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!
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    Favorite line.

    Hey guys what are you're favorite lines in MKSM? Heres mine. Johnny Cage: These guys dont know who their messing with. I'm Johnny Cage!
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    Quick glitch.

    Ok heres the glitch When your in the Wu Shi Academy and you have to cut the ropes supporting the pots of hot liquid dont do that. Instead fight the tarkatans with Johnny Cage. Get a tarkatan near the corner of the pool opposite of the part where you get on the bridge. Throw or hit the tarkatan...
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    Funny MK movie videos NOW its correct.

    Check these 3 videos out. These are hilarious!
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    The MK name game.

    Ok its pretty simple. Have a name beggining with the last letter of another name from MK. For example Noob SaiboT TanyA AshrA By the way highlight, or capitalize the last letter of the name.
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    Guess who game.

    Ok I know this was copied off of the Classic MK forum but wont hurt woudlnt it? Same rules. 1. I have one of the best elbows in the world. 2. I have been in 8 Wrestlemanias 3. I've been shown in a food comercial(SP?) for a long time. 4. I was a former member of the NWO 5. I've been 1 time IC...
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    Shortest fight.

    Hey what was your shortest fight? Mine was against Shang Stung in MK1. He runs at me. Roundhouse kick, Roundhouse kick, roundhouse kick. Flying kick. DEAD!
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    Either its me or does it look like Motaros hands are bigger then his head? :lol: