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    Gear Thread

    The 3rd thread of its kind so i think we all know the rules by now. But here they are for the new people Keep the images a reasonable size pixels and Kbs. No chat if you wish to discuss someones gear please start a new thread.
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    India in England ODIs

    The longest ever ODI tournament in England consisting of just 2 teams starts tomorrow with a day/nighter at the Rose bowl. This is the games played at the venue: 1 Zim 173/8 50 50 - L day NW Series 9 SA v Zim 2003 [2036] 2 SA 174/3 35.2 50 174 W day - NZ DNB - - - N day NW Series 9 NZ v WI...
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    What do you think abot Russia?

    I would like to discuss this topic What do you know about this country and what do you think about it? Have you ever been in Russia or have you ever visited russian websites at least ('ru' domain)? The rumors has it that people from USA and Europe have a lot of prejudices and biased opinions? Is...