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    Child(ren) of Liutana for future MK!

    Will Liutana (Liu Kang & Kitana) ever have a kid(s) of their own and join the roster? It'd be nice for them to have coed twins. Wonder what fighting abilities you picture them possessing? I picture a boy twin based off of Brandon Lee wielding Fire & Wind Wheels!
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    Could Cole Young possibly be Tremor?

    With the release of the new MK movie trailer, seeing Goro, the back of the warrior could possibly be Cole and which could be rock material. He must be Tremor! It must be!
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    Who wants to see MK12 take place in Great Kung Lao's time?

    It'll be a chance to reinvent Siro, Taja & Vorpax somehow. Imagine Great Kung Lao's own moveset different from his descendant's. He can wield a Shaolin spade for a weapon signature & use the whirlwind kick from Deadly Alliance. And if the fates were changed, GKL's fate would be changed by...
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    Will a Kombat Pack 3 be made a reality before it ends!?

    I so want Smoke back!!! Along with Takeda, Sareena & Havik!!! Smoke and Stryker are the only revenants left!!! How to fix Smoke though?
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    Injustice 3 Wishlist (Story & Characters)

    After seeing the endings, what do you all picture seeing next?
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    Theories on Mortal Kombat 11?

    What do you all think will happen next for the next story? Some characters can be replaced. Some revenants deserve to be saved.
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    Revenants to be revived in the next game?

    Since Sub-Zero & Jax were revived in MKX, and with Liu, Kitana & Kung Lao aged mortal selves are nothing but costumes. Who shall be revived next game for a second chance? Kung Lao can be revived outside of the game and that Jin won't return, but will look after his cousin. Nightwolf can be...
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    Street Fighter V's DLCs: Season 2 (with poll)

    With season 1's DLCs: Alex Guile Ibuki Balrog Juri Urien Who's next?
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    How to remake Kai?

    Kai appeared in MK4, trained by Liu Kang against Shinnok. But now in the new timeline, with Liu as a revenant, Kai and Kung Jin can team up in their own Shaolin Monks to save all the revenants - both Kung Jin's cousin and Liu Kang's master. What do you all think of how Kai can be remade for an...
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    Character Variations: 2 instead of 3

    If next game will have two variations instead of three, which one shall stay and which must go? There can be some old & new characters that can use some of those that don't fit some. Please bold. Scorpion: Ninjutsu, Inferno, Hellfire Sub-Zero: Cryomancer, Unbreakable, Grandmaster Bo'Rai Cho...
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    Marvel Version of Injustice

    Does anyone want a Marvel version of Injustice?
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    Injustice 2 Character Wishlist

    Since the rumors about Injustice 2, who would be the best characters to join in the next game and who will return?
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    Original Kharacter Ideas for MK11

    This time starting over without Nasty Freak! From MKX: - Cassie Cage - Takeda - Jacqui Briggs - Kung Jin - Kotal Kahn - D'Vorah - Erron Black - Ferra & Torr - Triborg - Tremor Any kharacter ideas for next game?
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    Original Kharacter Ideas for MK11

    From MKX: - Cassie Cage - Takeda - Jacqui Briggs - Kung Jin - Kotal Kahn - D'Vorah - Erron Black - Ferra & Torr - Triborg - Tremor MK needs more original characters. Characters that will drive the fans to enjoy and not boo at. Any ideas? - Anansi: A spider Kytinn who takes D'Vorah's place in...
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    If Eternal Champions was remade?

    Anyone remember Eternal Champions? Does anyone wish to bring it back?
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    Li Mei the Sarah Connor for MK11

    Since Kenshi & Bo'Ra Cho and Tanya. I wish for Li Mei to be a part of the next game. I can see her as MK's Sarah Connor. Not with muscle, more like a strong determined fighting woman.
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    Is Erron Black Salazar?

    Does anyone think Salazar could be Erron Black's real name? We don't even know his story yet? Due to the fact he is from Earthrealm but moved to Outworld.
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    MK1-MK3 Characters for MK11 + Variations

    Perhaps in the next game, Shang Tsung can make a return. But as an anti-hero. Ermac could be absorbed as a way for them not to return for a while. Hopefully King Jerrod will take over Ermac. The revenants will be tough. Like who to be brought back next? I'd say Nightwolf & Smoke. Noob Saibot...
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    New Characters Ideas for MK11

    Since Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah, Erron Black & Ferra/Torr, any new characters in mind to join in for the next game? I'd say a spider Kytinn to take D'Vorah's place in Kotal Kahn's ranks. A male Kytinn that can shoot webs. Plus with Baraka gone, a new Tarkatan should take over. But not as one of...
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    New Ideas for the 3D Characters for MK11

    Redesign 3D characters for MK11 Kenshi, Tanya & Bo'Rai Cho have been revamped in their movelists. But question is for the next game, what to do with the others? - Fujin - Li Mei - Kai - Nitara - Frost - Sareena - Shujinko - Ashrah - Hotaru - Dairou - Darrius - Kira - Taven - Daegon - Onaga -...