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  1. Kickinwing420

    How will story mode play?

    After playing some chapters in MK9's story the other day, I came to a conclusion... I hate the way it plays. It was cool for a while, but I just don't think that exact formula can work again. The whole cut-scene/fight thing got pretty old by the time I got to injustice. There was nothing...
  2. Kickinwing420

    Mortal Kombat X Digital Series

    I couldn't find a thread for the digital series, and figured it was worth talking about. We already know these characters are making appearances in the series. Bo' Rai Cho Dvorah Scorpion/Hanzo Takeda Salazar Kung Jin Ron Ton' Cho But now it looks like we can add a few more characters to...
  3. Kickinwing420


    Please, for the sake of new information, TWEET #MKXfightintro and ask got for a Goro intro. The characters with the most tweets get an intro revealed. This is our chance to at least get a taste of what Goro looks like in the game. This is hands down the best intro we could ask for. If it's a...
  4. Kickinwing420


    There's been a lot of talk about "descendants" in Mortal Kombat X...But the only one we've seen so far is Cassie Cage. When NRS talks about descendants they seem to talk about it like we may get at least 3 or 4. So what characters do you think are most likely to have a relative on the roster...
  5. Kickinwing420

    VS Thread

    With the YES/NO thread coming to a close, some of thought it might be a good idea to start up a new voting thread. Instead of voting yes or no, were going to be voting for who would win in a fight. Please try and consider BOTH of the fighters abilities before voting for your favorite right...
  6. Kickinwing420

    Bo' Rai Cho

    Am i the only one who really wants this dude in MKX? I know everybody thinks hes just there to make fart jokes and puke, but hes really not. he has alot of potential in this game. in the story id like to see Bo' Rai Cho be more of a trainer. keep the farting to a minimum and show how respected...