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  1. Destroyer_13

    mk video i found on youtube

    I thought it was pretty funny.
  2. Destroyer_13

    007 - the james bond thread

    this thread is pretty much anything bond related. the movies, the games, anything. like whats your favorite bond movie? whats your least favorite bond move? what did you like about the bond movies? what didnt you like about them? ok first, i hope that skyfall will be a big improvement in the...
  3. Destroyer_13

    Dead Space thread

    theres like 59 pages under other gaming so i dont really know if theres already a dead space thread. i dont remember seeing one and i hear talk about dead space sometimes so i made a thread for it. the dead space games are almost perfect games (in my opinion). the only thing i dont really like...
  4. Destroyer_13

    Doom (game)

    ok i dont want to go through like 58 pages to see if theres a doom thread. i checked a few and didnt see one. so i hope there isnt one already. ok. i dont know another way to put this, but they need to do like what NRS did with mk to doom.
  5. Destroyer_13

    Ideas for new characters

    i had to start a thread, so here it is. new characters is a possibility for DLC and well i guess for any future mk game. so lets hear your ideas for new mk characters. i would like to see a new male boss character in a higher position than kahn or onaga. also a female sub boss. also another...