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  1. pimppaperclip

    Official Assassin's Creed Persona & Multiplayer Discussion Thread

    This thread is for conversations for the Brotherhood/Revelations multiplayer modes. Talk about recent matches, your leveling progress, your favorite personas, and invite others to play. Personas The Barber Wearing ordinary noble's clothes and displaying white streaks in his dark hair, the...
  2. pimppaperclip

    Video Game Talk

    This thread is basically just ANYTHING that has to with gaming. Pretty much just the Just Talk Thread but with video games. Feel free to post anything about gaming in here. Whether it's an achievement/trophy you've finally earned last night, or a midnight release you're going to or a multiplayer...
  3. pimppaperclip

    Favorite iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad,etc. Apps

    Well I thought this would go in video games but if it fits better in general discussion or the netherrealm then the mods may move it. Just list your favorite iPod Touch, iPhone,iPad, etc. apps. Well here are mine: A Monster Ate My Homework Angry Birds Atoms Battle Bears Beer Pong Blend The...
  4. pimppaperclip

    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    This thread is for anything Assassin's Creed: Revelations related. You can have conversations about it, post recent leaks from the game on here, etc. If you came here to hate please leave. So basically knock yourselves out (not literally....okay literally). Also I will have a countdown to the...
  5. pimppaperclip

    Profile Backgrounds

    Does anyone on here know how to put a background on your profile? I never knew you could do this. Thread can be closed/deleted once question is answered.
  6. pimppaperclip

    Anyone wanna make a sig for me?

    I hoping if anyone would make a sig for me. Have these pics ^Have this as background^ And have my username in the Assassin's Creed font Thanks! P.S. You may have to make the pictures smaller
  7. pimppaperclip

    Games You Can't Wait For

    This is just a thread for upcoming games that you are dying to play like literally right now. For me it's:
  8. pimppaperclip

    Official A Day To Remember Thread

    Hey I looked this up and didn't find any related threads to this band. Anyways This is a thread about the band A Day To Remember. I personally love all their stuff. "For Those Who Have Heart" is my favorite album by them. They're a pop-punk, post-hardcore band. I'm gonna post some of their stuff...
  9. pimppaperclip

    PlayStation Vita Info Leaked From GameInformer

    Well I recently going through one of the most recent GI's and it had two pages of info for the PS Vita. I decided to do this thread cause I'm excited for the PS Vita to come out soon. First thing I read were the prices. For WiFi only it would be $249.99/249 Euros/24,980 Yen. For 3G and WiFi it...
  10. pimppaperclip

    Good Beginner or Starting Off Combos.....

    Hey thought i would start a thread with all the combos i made. They're easy to perform and are good for people new to the game. Note: All of the combos are for xbox 360, start on the left side of the screen, and are Xray combos. Kenshi 6 Hit 40% Damage Xray & Wall Combo Y, X, Left+Y, LT+RT...