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  1. BAC05

    Exclusive content confirmed by hans lo ...

    It's avatar support on king of the hill. confirmed at the Gamespot live / launch party. THATS IT. That totally suck IMHO 360 content that is.
  2. BAC05

    MK Legacy Discussion

    The premiere of the webseries is tonights 4 hours away. I thought we were going to watch people playing the game four hours until the premiere. WTH?
  3. BAC05

    Mortal Kombat Legacy: Subzero pic

    Here you go, A re-in visioned sub-zero: With all the back story's something tells be that WB will use this to potentially launch an actual movie. Pending on the views of course.
  4. BAC05

    New Picture from MK Webseries director, Poss. Baraka
  5. BAC05

    Ed Boon Admits to Leaks on Twitter

    noobde noobde RT @ElijahVinoly @noobde sorry but hidden trophies were leaked, gonna have to deal with it Noobde: I guess you told me off !! RT @Subzero8025 Is Sub really becoming a cyborg? Im literally nervous. Noobde: Haven't u played the demo? Looks human 2 me. Surprises me that he actually...
  6. BAC05

    Ed Boon / NRS Quiet on Twitter today

    Anybody else notice the ed and company aren't putting out many tweets today? Just thought it was interesting and maybe due in part to the massive over sight on the leaked information. Makes it seem more plausible to me that the information in fact is correct albeit old and out dated...
  7. BAC05

    Arcade Ladder

    Since everyone is pulling out more spoilers then guts out of a Thanksgiving Turkeys Vag, can someone look into the files and find out about the Arcade Ladder. I've been tweeting ed and hector (with no reply obviously) to see: A) if towers get progressively longer Novice-grandmaster B) if...
  8. BAC05

    Stupid $h!t people say/ask ed boon and the mkast

    This thread is to document all the stupid stuff people say to ed boon and hector. RT @creed200569 If Chess and puzzle dont make it, that would be a huge disappointment. Noobde: @creed200569 = Never. Ever. Satisfied. RT @MegGriffinSays: Is Kratos going to be downloadable on the 360 after a few...
  9. BAC05

    Will someone switch sides in MK9's story arc?

    Just a thought considering we really don't know anything about the story at this juncture and if it will be cannon or not. Will someone switch sides in MK9. Will and earthrealm warrior defect to outworld or vice versa? As many people that would hate the thought of this, what if Liu Kang ,after...
  10. BAC05

    Kano a full Body Cyborg

    I was watching the Liu Kang vid and couldn't help but notice that Kanos Grieves Look almost robotic. Call me crazy but I can see a twist in the MK story making Kano a full blown cyborg. I can see jax feuding with kano and with every meeting being a stale mate. To get the upper hand jax and...
  11. BAC05

    Confirmation: MK9 in Final stage

    Just saw this on boon's twitter and found it interesting. noobde "Any other game industry people notice how when finishing up a game your todo list never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ends?" Could mean that any new footage from here on out is the final product.
  12. BAC05

    Iphone Ultimate Mortal Kombat Combos?

    Anybody know any of the combos for this iphone App. I'm trying to beat the grandmaster tier and get powned with 5-6 hit combos yet I can't figure any out except Kick Kick Kick with sub-zero.
  13. BAC05

    Arcade Ladder

    Since this game will follow all 3 mortal kombats, I think that the arcade Ladder should progress through all three as well. At the very least on Master Ladder. Thoughts?