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  1. Imperatrix Sindel

    Online Character Usage (PS4)

    Yoinked this from projectzero00 on MKO, in a thread with an OP yoinked from our old thread here. Teamwork! As of 6/3/15 (all figures in millions): 1. Scorpion - 96.995 2. Sub-Zero - 67.936 3. Liu Kang - 39.364 4. Cassie Cage - 37.211 5. Takeda - 36.751 6. Raiden - 35.550 7. Johnny Cage -...
  2. Imperatrix Sindel

    "The Stars Align For Victory" - Living Tanya Guide (Kombos, Variations, et al)

    "The Stars Align For Victory" - Living Tanya Guide (Kombos, Variations, et al) Let's do this thing. UNIVERSALS Normals [Witch] Slap: 1 Low Smash: D1 Side Chop: 2 Spinning Slaps: F2 Rising Fist: D2 Snap Kick: 3 Shin Strike: B3 High Heel: F3 (Hold 3 to charge; press FF or BB to cancel.) Low...
  3. Imperatrix Sindel

    Overhead Heel Option Select

    Saw this on TYM. All the Option Selects might get patched out soon enough, of course, but until they do/if they don't, this is a pretty huge one for Mileena:
  4. Imperatrix Sindel

    Sindel Thread~*~*~

    I've been resisting the urge to make a thread for ages but listen, I'm a big Sindel fan if you didn't get the memo from the username and the icon and so on and so forth. And she's in MKX. So... a thread! I was ultimately provoked by Ed Boon's Mother's Day tweet about Sindel...
  5. Imperatrix Sindel

    MKII Premier Tower is up

    Kung Lao at the top. Raiden, Mileena, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Jax, Kung Lao.