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  1. Kingsonnn Dededoo

    Worth the purchase?

    Ey, I don't know if this merits a topic, but I'll have it locked if needed. After quite a long time saving up, I finally got an Xbox One earlier today, a week-early birthday gift if you may. I'm a bit stuck at the games department due to everything being really darn expensive for me. So far...
  2. Kingsonnn Dededoo

    Was this game that bad?

    Ok, a friend has a 360 with MK9 and this game. He allowed me to try the Story Mode and I reached The Joker's chapter and Sub Zero's with me watching the ending on Youtube. Well, I know this game got a lot of critism from fans, but why that? I actually enjoyed the game. Sure, there were some...
  3. Kingsonnn Dededoo

    Alternate Colours

    OK, I was playing Arcade Ladder with Noob-Smoke, and when I reached the Sub-boss (aka, Noob-Smoke) the CPU had different colours, with Smoke's accent being yellow and Noob's being a dark blue colour. Is there any way to choose the alternate colours (not costume) for the characters?
  4. Kingsonnn Dededoo

    MK Deception Konquest Guide for Printing?

    Hello, I've been searching the whole freaking internet for a guide for Deception's Konquest so I could print. But I ran into nothing. no images, just text. So I searched here, but all the links gave me 404 error :< So, anybody has a link for a guide?