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  1. Noob-Zer013

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Me with my kollection
  2. Noob-Zer013

    Post Your Kombat

    Beta is almost over so anyone who is interested could post any matches they recorded here in this thread. So, I'll start: I was the Kabal player. I got wrecked a couple times by this dude. His fatal blows saved him both times but I make a comeback. Sorry, there a couple second skips. The...
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    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    Just saw this EDIT: yeah, I was late.
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    Anyone find this interesting?
  5. Noob-Zer013

    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    I don't know how to make myself any clearer. KP2 content will be available March 1st (tonight at midnight) Content installed individually And when I click on Triborg
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    reikoiskahn Your wish is my command..
  7. Noob-Zer013

    February 11th Kombat Kast - 'Massacre'

    Leatherface's win pose is hilariously awesome but I think this would of been perfect with the opponent in the chair:
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    BBBLP I would of saved that if it crossed my mind. Kung Jin is starting to remind me of Green Arrow even more with that costume. Hood looks green too. Not that wow'd by the costume but its better than no costume. Not bad, just plain is all. Kotal's looks really cool. Its knight'sh armor...
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    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Me creeping out a couple Halloweens ago,
  10. Noob-Zer013

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    That's me trying to make a fireball.
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    Mortal Kombat Movie Casting

    Alright, the talk of casting has got me interested in your guy's ideas. Lets say you're making your own Mortal Kombat movie, What characters would you use (you can use ANY) and what actors/actresses would you have play them?
  12. Noob-Zer013

    Ryu vs Scorpion Enjoy
  13. Noob-Zer013

    MK: Annihilation Retrospective Interviews?

    MK Annihilation was a bad movie but is still a guilty pleasure of mine to watch. Yeah, its a shitty film but its MK. MK at its worst is like cold pizza - its still good. Something about the movie I did like the most is (even with the cheesiness and cheap foam power ranger costumes) it really did...
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    Action Figures and Other Toys

    I'll have to find time to get the rest of my stuff out of hiding too.
  15. Noob-Zer013

    What is the worst thing you've done to someone?

    This isn't a thread to celebrate being an awful human being but lets face it, we're all humans and we're all capable of doing awful things. No one's perfect. So if you're ok to share this could be an interesting thread. Here's one of mine. When I was in middle school I moved to a new school...
  16. Noob-Zer013

    Twitter Updates from Ed Boon/NRS for MKX

    Re: boon hints sotry dialog? The reason I think the Sub-Zero in the trailer is Kuai Liang is because his costume has some similarities to his default in MK9. It has the Lin Kuei badge on his chest and the armor peices on each arm. I know that doesn't confirm anything at all but its just what I...
  17. Noob-Zer013

    Turok and Mortal Kombat?

    Note: This in no way shape or form refers to the recent Turok remake game on 360 and ps3. For those you who are familiar with the Turok games and comics, I've pondered this many times before..but there's so many similarities between the two. Specifically Turok in the Valiant/Acclaim era of...
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    Your wishlist for MK10

    I decided to give my human Kuai Liang concept another go. And of course for some reason it came out side ways.
  19. Noob-Zer013

    Your wishlist for MK10

    This is a quick drawing I made for Kuai Liang if he returned human. I couldn't get the entire costume down so I just made a mugshot. I was thinking some kind of tight black material and pieces of thin armor with of course some blue in there. Then maybe a cape as seen in his MK vs DC ending to go...