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  1. Noob-Zer013

    Post Your Kombat

    Beta is almost over so anyone who is interested could post any matches they recorded here in this thread. So, I'll start: I was the Kabal player. I got wrecked a couple times by this dude. His fatal blows saved him both times but I make a comeback. Sorry, there a couple second skips. The...
  2. Noob-Zer013

    Mortal Kombat Movie Casting

    Alright, the talk of casting has got me interested in your guy's ideas. Lets say you're making your own Mortal Kombat movie, What characters would you use (you can use ANY) and what actors/actresses would you have play them?
  3. Noob-Zer013

    Ryu vs Scorpion Enjoy
  4. Noob-Zer013

    What is the worst thing you've done to someone?

    This isn't a thread to celebrate being an awful human being but lets face it, we're all humans and we're all capable of doing awful things. No one's perfect. So if you're ok to share this could be an interesting thread. Here's one of mine. When I was in middle school I moved to a new school...
  5. Noob-Zer013

    Turok and Mortal Kombat?

    Note: This in no way shape or form refers to the recent Turok remake game on 360 and ps3. For those you who are familiar with the Turok games and comics, I've pondered this many times before..but there's so many similarities between the two. Specifically Turok in the Valiant/Acclaim era of...