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  1. natedoggcata

    I am addicted to all of the Towers in this game

    This is the most incredible feature that NRS has put in a Mortal Kombat game. With MK9, I usually didnt play the main arcade ladder that much cause I already saw everyones endings. After that I would usually just go online to play cause the normal arcade ladder got old. This game on the other...
  2. natedoggcata

    Is faction wars broken?

    I noticed that for the last few days, the faction wars stats havent changed. Its been Lin Kuei at 41%, White Lotus at 21%, Brotherhood at 19%, Black Dragon at 13% and Special forces at 6%. The other thing I noticed is that challenges arent being recorded. I finished all of yesterdays...
  3. natedoggcata

    Highlights from the Twin Galaxies stream

    Not sure if anyone is watching but Ed Boon is dropping some serious hype on the stream. Updating as the stream goes on -Refuses to talk about the cameo characters from story mode. He keeps saying "I cant say anything about that right now" when asking if those characters would eventually become...
  4. natedoggcata

    Mortal Kombat X will have a day one 2GB patch

    Some notable changes 1. The tower boss's difficulty has been increased 2. Money gained through story mode and normal fights has been significantly decreased. He got 2500 for defeating a boss in towers and after the update he only got 200...
  5. natedoggcata

    Can anyone confirm that choose your destiny was removed (slight spoilers I guess)

    In one of the earlier trailers, where they showed off the towers mode, it appeared that choose your destiny had returned since there were multiple towers you could choose from (novice, warrior, master) like the old games. Now I am hearing that there is only a single tower you can choose from. Is...
  6. natedoggcata

    [SPOILERS] Online Menu, Krypt, New fatalities, Alts and more

    Looks almost the same as her default Here is the direct link
  7. natedoggcata

    Strategy guides?

    Any word on this yet? Funny thing is that these days I dont buy strategy guides for the actual strategies because if they are anything like MK9, they are atrocious. However, they are nice items to collect and I love how MK9's had an art section other other cool stuff in it.
  8. natedoggcata

    Mortal Kombat X at PAX East?

    Wondering if there has been any news on this yet. I heard they werent at PAX South, but Netherealm had both MK9 and Injustice at PAX East in years past.
  9. natedoggcata

    So are we not getting a special edition?

    The special editions for MK9 were announced in December before the game came out. Its almost February and we know nothing yet. If we arent getting them, I wish they would say something because I have friends that wont pre order until they know if we are getting them or not
  10. natedoggcata

    MORTAL KOMBAT X general discussion

    Has this been mentioned yet? New character reveal and online details are coming in the January edition of Game Masters
  11. natedoggcata

    Anyone disappointed by the lack of color in the game?

    I know they want this game to be dark and gritty but I am really disappointed that all of the stages we have seen so far pretty much only have dark and grey colors. The characters have color but I want the backgrounds to have some color as well.
  12. natedoggcata

    Mortal Kombat X getting special controllers

    No D-Pad and has a 6 button layout. Also it looks like the Xbox One is getting a special skin on the controller while the PS4 doesnt have one nvm please delete
  13. natedoggcata

    Ed Boon confirms, no reveals at Comic-Con

    RT @Ritchie_Greer: noobde can u give us a wee hint of the next character your going to announce at comic con :-) EB: No announce @ ComicCon
  14. natedoggcata

    Ferra Torr backstory?

    Out of all the characters shown so far, new and old, I think Ferra Torr is the one im most interested in knowing about. I mean why is Torr blind? Who is Ferra to Torr? Are they related? Friends? Why is Ferra so small anyways, is she a midget? Where are they from? Netherealm? Eathrealm? Outworld?
  15. natedoggcata

    Dat gameplay oh my god!!!!

    Who just saw that at the Sony press conference? Those new characters were insane
  16. natedoggcata

    "Fully connected experience" Kreate a Fighter returning? My Theory

    So I was reading the press release and kept thinking about what this could mean I have a theory. There are some games out there like Hybrid for the Xbox 360 where you choose a faction and each win from you or your team adds points to the faction. At the end of the season, the faction with most...
  17. natedoggcata

    Your wishlist for MK10

    I always assumed the swimsuits / leotards that started in MK2 was a direct response to this lol
  18. natedoggcata

    Ed Boon counting down to something on Twitter?

    He was most likely trolling. The announcement probably isnt coming until June 2nd so hes not just gonna go "yeah totally MK10 will be at E3 this year!" btw, he Tweeted this recently