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  1. GOTCHA!

    Jacqueline Briggs Gameplay discussion

    Lets discuss Jacqui "Sonya" Briggs aka queen BlackWafiu of the MK series gameplay! Atm, were still lacking a bit of information on her, but we got a handful of gameplay videos and summaries of her variations to discuss something. I can't speak for everyone but the Jacqui gameplay I have seen...
  2. GOTCHA!

    Rank Jax's aesthetic design since his debut in MK2

    for me its: 12 - I like all the new MKX skins in general, but this classic looking Jax skin is my favorite out of the bunch. Visually, Jax should be all about testosterone, masculinity, and strength so what captures that better than shirtless Jax covered in scars lol. 11 - This is another great...
  3. GOTCHA!

    lets discuss Jax's gameplay for MKX

    Jax's most fleshed out design was MK9, no question. In that game Jax really had blend of different styles; he could fight from a far or upclose which makes him well suited for the variation system imo. He could have style that is geared towards his GPs and projectiles, and another style that is...
  4. GOTCHA!

    lets discuss Jax's relationship with his family!

    A few sub topics: The developers said Jacqui and Jax relationship in MKX is going through a ruff patch. What do you think is the reason for this? who the hell is Jax's baby mama, lol? Ruby?