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  1. Metal Overlord

    Die Hard

    Anyone else going to see the new movie (A Good Day To Die Hard)? The first two are some of my favorite movies, but I have my doubts about this one at first because of Live Free or Die Hard and its watered-down PG-13 ass At least this one is R-rated this time, though...
  2. Metal Overlord

    The Radiant Smile That Belied Her Jaded Heart (prequel to An Emerging Warrior Spirit)

    This is a prequel to the previous Li Mei fanfic I wrote detailing the struggles of Fei Yen's life and the significant moments in her life. Hope you all enjoy it! Some music to enhance the mood Prologue: The Story of Fei Yen's Origins During the heyday of Onaga's empire, a secret society of...
  3. Metal Overlord

    Star Trek Into Darkness (teaser trailer now out)

    I might be alone on this, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing this movie. I'm not really into like Star Trek, Star Wars or any of those space opera type films; tried watching them but couldn't get into them. They just bore me for some reason, I prefer post-apocalyptic movies and sci-fi...
  4. Metal Overlord

    MK10 Stage Discussion

    I'm surprised that I couldn't find like a thread like this when I searched for it, anyway, we talk a lot about the story, characters, and extras for MK10, but what about the stages? These are one of the things I'm most looking forward to in MK10 because of how good NRS made them in MK9. The...
  5. Metal Overlord

    "Too bad... YOU! Will die!"- Your Favorite Terrible Movies thread

    Ever seen some movies that you know are just terrible? They had some seriously cheesy dialogue, bad acting, and maybe even some plot revelations that make no sense whatsoever, but despite all that, you still enjoy watching the movies? Maybe the movies are so bad that you find them entertaining...
  6. Metal Overlord

    An Emerging Warrior Spirit: Li Mei, the Ghost of Sun Do

    Music: Chapter 1: Reminiscence A peaceful and lighthearted late afternoon in Sun Do betrays the thick fog that envelopes the village, as the villagers are all outside carrying out their daily routines and holding casual conversations amongst each...
  7. Metal Overlord

    Music That You're Ashamed To Like (The Remix)

    Since the old one is gone now
  8. Metal Overlord

    "Get N or Get Out!"- Best Video Game/Console Commercials

    For me, you guessed it, the 90s commercials It's not even me just going "MAAAAAAH CHILDHOOOOOOOOD <3 <3 <3" whenever I see the N64 or the PS1 logo pop up I really thought old school ads were just the best; a lot of them are cheesy, yeah, but they were also funny and entertaining They really...
  9. Metal Overlord

    "I now know why you cry, but it is something I can never do."- The Terminator thread

    "I now know why you cry, but it is something I can never do."- The Terminator thread Searched for a thread like this, didn't see one so there should be no problems Anyway, feel free to come here and discuss just about anything regarding perhaps my favorite movie series of all of them Well, as...
  10. Metal Overlord

    "Spirit Detective? That's a fancy title."- The Yu Yu Hakusho Thread

    Since I was thoroughly robbed of my opportunity to make my own Dragonball thread, I figured why not make one for an even better anime series: Yu Yu Mother****ing Hakusho :cool: I know that we have a thread already where we discuss a lot of anime, but that thread is just for anime in general...
  11. Metal Overlord

    Mass shooting kills 14, injures 50 at The Dark Knight Rises screening in Colorado

    Mass shooting kills 14, injures 50 at The Dark Knight Rises showing in Colorado Source: There's some screenshots and a video of the incident in the article
  12. Metal Overlord

    Mortal Kombat: The Untold Mysteries of a Brutal Manslayer

    So... I figured it was about time for me to grow some balls and write my first ever fanfic. Wasn't gonna do it at first but apparently people see something in me that I don't that makes them want me to write a fanfic, so what the hell. I was going to try to put some music to go with the story...
  13. Metal Overlord


    Favorite game: F-Zero GX Favorite characters: Captain Falcon, Jody Summer, The Skull, Samurai Goroh, Lily Flyer, Pico, Blood Falcon and James McCloud
  14. Metal Overlord

    Your favorite music in MK: DA

    Here's mine:
  15. Metal Overlord

    Donkey Kong

    Surprised I didn't see a thread for this when I searched for it... anyway, yeah, I've only actually played DK64 and I think the first 2 DKC's, but I'm planning on reexperiencing DK64 soon K. Rool is my favorite
  16. Metal Overlord

    Your first game for every console you've played

    Self-explanantory Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog Nintendo 64: Super Smash Bros PlayStation: Tekken 2, I think PlayStation 2: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City GameCube: Metroid Prime GameBoy Advance: Game and Watch Collection 3 (or some shit) GameBoy Color: Pokemon Blue Dreamcast: Soul Calibur (also the...
  17. Metal Overlord

    Favorite Comic Relief Villains

    So, who are your favorite would-be villains? You know, the type of villains that always antagonize the main hero (usually for world domination) but always fail comically due to either their incompetent minions or their own incompetence? Here are mine:
  18. Metal Overlord

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

    Why in the flying **** was there not a thread for this? Best Cartoon Network show, hands down.
  19. Metal Overlord

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Self-explanatory. My favorite characters: Dr. Eggman, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Metal Sonic/Metal Overlord (hence my username) Favorite games: 1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles 2. Sonic Adventure 2 3. Sonic 2 4. Sonic Adventure 5. Sonic 1 6. Sonic Heroes Will try to pick up...